We'll perform a complete audit of your current campaign and construct an in-depth report detailing where improvements might be made and/or what successful aspects of the campaign should be iterated upon. We will set up a time to walk through the entire report with your team to discuss our findings as well as answer any questions you may have regarding the report. 




We'll sit down with you to understand your goals and objectives and then develop a specific and comprehensive campaign strategy. From media to targeting to optimization we'll set everything up to ensure maximal efficiency and success. Weekly reports will be sent over and we'll set up weekly or bi-weekly calls to go over the performance and direction of the campaign. We are also ALWAYS available to speak to about any question, concern or idea regarding the campaign.



Whether you have never made a Facebook or Instagram campaign before, or have extensive experience in the field, there is always room for improvement. We provide a litany of techniques, tricks and philosophies that we have garnered over nearly a decade of extensive trail and error research. We can sit down with any team or individual looking to understand more about Facebook marketing and develop their skills so they can find success with their campaign.