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West 10th Digital is a comprehensive media advertising and consulting firm specializing in direct marketing using all platforms. We are designed to manage the client's entire advertising campaign from creation to optimization, creating a long-lasting partnership through success. We pride ourselves on securing and maintaining client CPA and ROAS goals through tried and true philosophic and practical tactics honed over nearly a decade. We are a small team, allowing each client to work directly with a media buyer and designer to ensure campaign style and results meet client needs. Though we're a small shop, we are no stranger to scale. The vast majority of our campaigns outperform expectations. We are passionate, transparent and most importantly, we care about our clients.



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What we do


Our client centered approach analyzes the unique needs of your brand. West 10th does not believe in a one size fits all method. We seamlessly blend into your workflow by utilizing existing images, videos and resources or creating striking images carefully curated to represent your brand and grow your client base. We are committed to providing you access to the success and capabilities Facebook marketing has to offer.


We find the perfect media, copy and audience for each client - then we continue to develop it through optimization. On a daily basis we are separating the successful from the unsuccessful and developing new audiences and media based on our previous success. We quickly end up with an enormous stable of sure-fire selections to continue that success. 


Some of our clients have spent years building up their image. With them we work to develop copy that stays true to their brand and uses our personal style to give the ads the best chance of success. For clients who are more willing to experiment, we bring years of creative ingenuity to the table. Either way, we will make your audience notice.                                        


Here's where the fun begins! Throughout the optimization process we are constantly growing the audience sizes in order to not only continue lowering the CPA but bring the ads to as many people as possible. With more than a billion people on Facebook, there's no shortage of opportunity to scale. 


Retargeting, lookalike audiences, interest targeting; age, gender and location segmentation; placement and device selection; it takes a lot to find the perfect combination of the aforementioned options - and we've spent years developing practices to do just that. You have new users out there waiting, we'll find them for you.                                                                   


Our process involves meticulous reporting, and we pass that along to you. We can provide weekly or daily reports with all of the information pertinent to your campaign. That way we can be on the same page when making decisions about the direction we're heading. And as always, we're only a call away. 


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